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Age Friendly County Initiative

The Meath Age Friendly County Programme was launched in 2011, and operated under a five year strategy which began in 2012.  The programme is hosted under the leadership of Meath County Council, is supported by Age Friendly Ireland and operates within the World Health Organisation framework.

The programme is built on the recognition of the valuable role that older people can and should play in shaping their communities.

The strategy gives committments to improving key areas of infrastructure, transportation, services, information and our overall response to all older people's issues across the county. The strategy covers 8 specific themes to benefit older people.

  • Outdoor Spaces and PublicBuildings
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Respect and Social Inclusion
  • Social Participation
  • Communication and information
  • Civic Participation and Employment
  • Community Support and Health Services

Meath Age Friendly Alliance

The Meath Alliance consists of senior personnel representing the Local Authority, the Health Service Executive, Louth Meath Education Training Board, An Garda Síochána, Meath Partnership, NUI Maynooth, Netwell Centre, Dundalk, Flexibus, Ageing Well Network, Third Age Foundation and Older People's Forum representatives.  The role of the Alliance is to oversee the implementation of the county strategy.

Members of the Alliance

  • Michael Finnegan, Chairperson
  • Jackie Maguire, Chief Executive
  • Barry Lynch, Director of Service, Meath County Council
  • Cllr Sarah Reilly, Meath County Council
  • Imelda Prunty, Louth Meath Education Training Board
  • Michael Ludlow, CEO, Meath Partnership
  • Jim Matthews, Older Peoples Network / Laterlife Network
  • Ita Healy, Laterlife Network
  • Sgt Dean Keirns, Crime Prevention Officer, An Garda Síochána
  • Chief Superintendent Fergus Healy, An Garda Síochána
  • Liam Carey, Third Age Foundation
  • Aine Brady, CEO, Third Age Foundation
  • Miriam McKenna, Manager, Flexibus
  • Dr. Joe Larragy, NUI Maynooth
  • Catherine McGuigan, National Programme Manager

Meath Age Friendly Strategy 2017 - 2020

The Meath Age Friendly Strategy 2017-2020 has been developed by the Meath Age Friendly Alliance in consultation and co-operation with older people in Meath.  It will be adopted in Quarter one 2017. Each Alliance Member has given committments in this strategy that will significantly help to improve the quality of life of the current population of older people in Meath and for future generations.  An Age Friendly county has been described by Age Friendly Ireland as a county that recognises the great diversity among older people and promotes their inclusion in all areas of life.  It recognises that if you design with an older person in mind you will universally support all people of all ages and build a sustainable Ireland for all.

Our ambition to be Age Friendly means that Meath will:

  • Be a great place to live, work and grow older
  • Ensure critical services are accessible and timely and delivered cost effectively and efficiently
  • Have easily accessible public buildings, shops and services
  • Incorporate older people's views into significant decision making processes
  • Promote a positive attitude to ageing and address stereotypes about older people
  • Create opportunities for older people to be engaged with thier county socially, as employees and volunteers

"Design for the young and you exclude the old; design for the old and you include the young"

Meath Age Friendly Strategy 2017 - 2020 pdf, 2,052kb

Healthy and Positive Ageing Initiative Meath Report pdf, 3,413kb

Trim – Meath’s First Age Friendly Town

The Alliance nominated Trim to be an Age Friendly Town in 2013 with a steering committee set up comprising of various agencies.

Age Friendly Ireland facilitated the process by supplying a planner to collate data, consult with older persons and agencies and carry out a walk ability audit of the town with wheelchair users, volunteers and carers.

An action plan was drafted in line with the data collaged from audit with the committee progressing with the actions outlined in the plan.

Trim Age Friendly Town Initiative pdf, 10,635kb

Kells – Age Friendly Business Recognition Scheme

The Alliance nominated Kells to be an Age Friendly Business Town in 2013.

The Economic section of the Council along with Kells Chamber of Commerce progressed this initiative.  138 businesses were advised of the scheme with 33 businesses now signed up.

A Kells Age Friendly Business Directory has also been compiled and distributed which identifies the businesses that are signed up and what they have to offer to the Older Person.

FACT:  Census 2016 for County Meath

Total Population of County Meath – 195,044   :    51,942 aged over 50.


Meath HOME Directory

Information & advice for over 55s on staying healthy, feeling safe and enjoying life in your own home.

Meath HOME Directory pdf, 2,183kb

Meath Age Friendly First Annual Report 2015 pdf, 584kb