LEADER Local Action Group

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Meath Local Community Development Committee is the Local Action Group (LAG) for the delivery of the LEADER Programme in County Meath for the programme period 2014 - 2020.

The LCDC consists of both public and private sector partners from within the administrative boundary of the County, and is comprised of 19 members, 10 from the private sector and nine from the public sector. 


The LCDC as the LAG brings together all the local stakeholders, including the:

  • local authority,
  • state agencies,
  • social partners,
  • local development company and
  • representatives from the community and voluntary sector

in its role to promote economic and local development through a partnership approach, for the benefit of the citizens of County Meath.

Central to the work of the LCDC is the promotion of collaborative work between the public and private sectors, with a view to maximising an integrated delivery approach to local community based services.

The LCDC, like the CPG and SPCs, is a committee of the local authority.

However, unlike the CPG and SPCs, the LCDC is independent from the local authority in the performance of its functions.

Accordingly, how those functions are carried out and any decisions to be made by the LCDC when carrying out those functions are solely a matter for the LCDC.

This independence is provided for explicitly in sections 49A (2) and 128B (8) of the 2001 Act.4.3