Play Policy

In 2004, the government produced Ready, Steady, Play! A National Play Policy, making Ireland one of the first countries in the world to produce a detailed national policy on children’s play. This Policy has become a framework for the development of a better environment for the nation’s children and for generating greater funding for play opportunities.

We have produced a local play policy with the assistance of partner agencies and through consultation with communities, schools, voluntary groups and children across the county. This is a comprehensive framework for the development of children’s play in the county over the coming years.

The Vision outlined in the Policy is “to provide quality, accessible, age appropriate and safe play opportunities and to ensure the play needs of every child in Meath are met.”

The child is at the centre of this Policy. The principles underpinning the approach to play are:

  • inclusion,
  • partnership between agencies dealing with children,
  • promotion of a child-friendly environment,
  • consultation with children,
  • universal access for all abilities,
  • community involvement and
  • quality standards.

The policy outlines the many excellent services and facilities already in place in the county that provide for children’s play, but it also identifies the gaps where communities and children need improvement in the play environment.

This has been done through analysis of population trends, local consultation and an audit of existing facilities.

Meath Play Policy 2008-2012 pdf, 220kb