Knockharley Community Grants Scheme


This scheme is currently open with applications to be submitted by 4pm on Friday 14th July 2017


The scheme is funded from the proceeds of a levy on the Knockharley Landfill Facility . This scheme helps towards grants for the development of environmental community projects and works in the locality of Kentstown and Knockharley District.

Projects which show a combination of a range of guaranteed funding mechanisms such as local sponsorship, lottery funding, Leader funding, Enterprise funding etc., will be particularly encouraged.


Who may apply for the Knockharley Community Grant Scheme?

Community  groups and organisations within the Kentstown and Knockharley District

 (see Map below)


Examples of projects eligible for funding are:

  • Parks
  • Amenity areas
  • Walking areas
  • Community halls and resource centres
  • Community arts projects
  • Playgrounds
  • Recreational facilities
  • Local heritage projects.


Local Area to Benefit 

The local area to benefit generally from environmental community projects and works was determined by the committee as comprising of the town lands or part of the town lands of

  • Hayestown/Carnuff east of County Road (CR) 392 and south of CR 385
  • Seneschalstown south of CR 385
  • Painestown south of CR385
  • Thurstianstown  south of CR 385
  • Rathdrinagh south of CR 385
  • Tuiterath
  • Flemingstown
  • Balrath and Ballymacarvey west of National Primary Route N2
  • Burtonstown
  • Danestown north of CR 396
  • Cusackstown
  • Walterstown east of CR 404 and north of a line from the south western corner of Cusackstown to a point of intersection with CR 404
  • Monktown east of CR392
  • Slanduff,
  • Kentstown
  • Brownstown east of CR 392
  • Veldonstown
  • Knockharley
  • Curraghatown


All as delineated in red on Map No1 below  and herein afterwards called Kentstown /Knockharley and District. Projects outside the area delineated may be considered by the Knockharley Landfill Community Liaison Committee and the Council at their absolute discretion taking into account the significance of such projects to the local community within the defined area and the overall level of funding available in the relevant year and the number and nature of other application on hand.


 Map No. 1 

  Knockharley Community Grant Scheme Map


Knockharley Grant Scheme Application Form 2017