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Arts Act Funding - Awards & Bursaries 2019

  Arts Act Funding - Awards & Bursaries 2019


As these are new forms from previous years and interactive, you should follow the following instructions 

1.  Open the application form

2.  Type directly into the information fields

3.  Save the completed application form

4.  Print the completed application form

5.  Sign the completed application form

6.  Post the completed, signed application form with accompanying support material.


Should you encounter any difficulty in completing any of the forms, please contact the arts office on or telephone 0469097414.


The closing date for ALL applications is 12pm, Wednesday 3rd April 2019.


Annual Arts Grant 2019 doc, 79kb

Community Arts Grant 2019 doc, 92kb

Festivals Grant 2019 doc, 235kb

Professional Artists Development Fund 2019 doc, 74kb

Schools Musical Insturment Purchase Scheme 2019 doc, 104kb

Tyrone Guthrie Regional Bursary 2019 doc, 217kb