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Visual Arts Reference organisation for those interested or involved in visual arts nationally and internationally. National resource agency for sculpture in Cork. Irish Museum of Modern Art. Tate Galleries London. For accessing Limerick City Gallery. Circa Art Magazine - Irish based art magazine Eigse Festival, Co.Carlow Irish Arts Magazine

Theatre Ireland’s National Theatre. Amateur Drama League of Ireland. Publishes The Irish Theatre Handbook.   

Dance Dance Theatre of Ireland, Bloomfields, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin Institute of Choreography and Dance, Cork. Association for professional dancers in Ireland.   

Music Promotes and documents twentieth century irish classical music. Irish traditional music archive - an archive and resource centre for traditional music, song and dance. Organisation with countrywide branches which support and promote traditional Irish music, song, dance and language. Administers copyright in music on behalf of its members. Assists young irish musicians. National music development organisation. Federation of music collectives in Ireland.   

Literature Support agency and publisher for professional poetry in Ireland. Irish Writers Union. Irish Writers Centre.   

Film & Video Semi-state body with responsibility for the support and development of the film industry in Ireland - provides training, equipments facilities, short film awards, publication of film Ireland and community outreach services for film and video. Film Institute of Ireland, located in Temple Bar, Dublin 2. Film production, support & facilities.   

Crafts The Crafts Council of Ireland.   

Youth Arts Europe’s first custom designed arts centre for children. Umbrella organisation for youth drama and youth theatre in Ireland. National youth federation.    

Resource Agencies An independent autonomous body set up to stimulate public interest in and promote the knowledge, appreciation and practice of the arts. Support organisation for business sponsorship of the arts in Ireland. CREATE is a leading national arts support organisation, providing services for arts development and practice in Ireland. Services - focused on standards of practice and sustainable development - are aimed at arts practitioners, arts organisations and arts projectsirrespective of their area of practice or programme.

Opera Opera Theatre Company. Opera Ireland.