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Solstice Art Centre

The opening of a new arts centre for Meath in April 2006 is a clear expression of the local authorities belief in the importance of a living, expressive and diverse culture that enriches the lives of the people of Meath.

The new arts centre is called Solstice – a name references the ancient rituals associated with the county and the light that the arts bring to this community.

As the new arts centre for County Meath Solstice is a symbol of the belief and pride that the county feels about it’s cultural and artistic life. Solstice is the first major cultural centre provided in the county and is already being recognised as the finest centre outside of Dublin.

It will be a centre that welcomes all communities and walks of life by maintaining a diverse range of high quality programmes of particular local interest delivered to international standards..

This centre has been developed at a cost of €13.5m which has been funded by a grant of €2.9m from the Department of Arts Sport and Tourism, some local contributions and the significant balance from Meath County Council and Navan Town Council. We believe that this investment in the cultural life of the county is one that will provide many stimulating, enriching and memorable experiences for those who pass through it’s doors over the coming years.

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