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Library Services

LIB001 - Group visits pdf, 103kb

LIB002 - Library Lending Services including RFID Self-Issue and Library Online Resources pdf, 104kb

LIB003 - On Line Membership Application - Encore pdf, 104kb

LIB004 - Reference Services pdf, 105kb

LIB005 - Regular Adult Events pdf, 103kb

LIB006 - Local Studies Archive Managment pdf, 103kb

LIB007 - Local Studies Enquiry Processing pdf, 104kb

LIB008 - Local Studies Visitor Log Book Management pdf, 104kb

LIB009 - Regular Junior Events pdf, 103kb

LIB010 - Invoice Processing pdf, 103kb

LIB011 - Study Facilities pdf, 104kb

LIB012 - Meeting Room Facilities pdf, 104kb

LIB013 - Membership Application Forms Adult and Junior pdf, 104kb

LIB014 - Annual Festivals and Events For Adults pdf, 104kb

LIB015 - Annual festivals and Events For Children pdf, 104kb

LIB016 - Book Launches pdf, 104kb

LIB017 - Events Commemoration pdf, 104kb

LIB018 - Events Mailing List pdf, 103kb

LIB019 - Exhibitions pdf, 104kb

LIB020 - Grant Application Management pdf, 104kb

LIB021 - Primary Schools Marketing and Promotion pdf, 104kb

LIB022 - Primary Schools Lending Service pdf, 104kb

LIB023 - Public Internet Access Children pdf, 104kb

LIB024 - Public Internet Access Adult pdf, 104kb

LIB025 - Public Printing and Scanning Service - Surfbox pdf, 104kb

LIB026 - Public Printing Service-Network pdf, 91kb

LIB027 - Public Wifi Access pdf, 104kb

LIB028 - Social media pdf, 104kb

LIB029 - Notifications to Library Users pdf, 104kb

Libraries Development is the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) function responsible for fulfilling the statutory functions of the LGMA in relation to library services.

As part of this role, LGMA (Libraries Development) procure, define and control the computer system used to support the Irish local authority public library network lending service.

This system is called the Library Management System (LMS). The LGMA (Libraries Development) are the data controller of the personal data processed in the LMS.

Libraries Ireland Privacy Statement.pdf