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Bathing Waters


Bathing Waters are an important amenity, valuable for both their tourism and recreational potential.  It is important that they are afforded the appropriate protections in accordance with legislation, including the European Union's Bathing Waters Directive.  The Directive requires that water quality at all designated bathing waters meets stringent microbiological standards in order to protect the health of people who choose to bathe there.

Call for public participation in the identification of 'Bathing Waters' 

Criteria to be used for identification

Bathing Waters Monitoring Results

In County Meath there is one designated bathing water, Laytown-Bettystown and it has been classed at good status.  

Bathing waters monitoring results, information and notifications can be viewed at Results are updated throughout the bathing season each year (1st of June to 15th of September).

Further Information

Further information on bathing water quality is available at: