County Council Branding

My Waste

The Regional Waste Management Planning Offices with the support of the  Department Communications, Climate Action and the Environment have developed a new website

The site provides the householder with everything they need to know about managing their waste. The householder can browse the site for local waste services; bring banks, recycling facilities along with ways to help prevent waste and offers useful advice on greater reuse and upcycling of products.


There are three main sections set out as follows:


This section looks at what we should do with our recycling, large items, food waste, hazardous household waste, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and textiles. It also looks at what is the impact of recycling and what can we do to make it more sustainable.



This section gives the information on a list of where we can dispose of our waste and includes a map locator for finding various waste services throughout the country.



In this section information is given on the Circular Economy, FAQs and did you know?


This new platform provides citizens with the necessary information to manage their waste more responsibly and efficiently. It has the capacity to connect the Department, the Local Authority sector and other waste stakeholders with the public at large, promoting policy, assisting with achievement of waste targets and preparing for future challenges.


The mywaste brand will also help build on the principle of personal responsibility, while the resources on the website will support the householder with an A to Z option of how to manage their waste.