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Timoole Remediation

Timoole Remediation - Update 7th November 2017 - Surveys

Date Released: 07 November 2017

As part of the enabling works for the remediation project a road survey will take place along the dedicated haul route to the N2 junction, this survey will commence 7th November.


External house surveys and boundary treatment surveys will commence on Wednesday 8th November. Properties along the cul-de-sac (L10023-0) and L-10021-10 will be surveyed. It is highly unlikely the works will impact on buildings, it is common practice on large scale projects to do such surveys and it removes any ambiguity for both householder and contractor.

Engineers from Fehily Timoney will undertake the surveys and will carry identification. On completion of the project the properties will be surveyed again. A copy of both surveys will be presented to the home owner. It is anticipated these surveys will take 8 days to complete. 


Timoole - House Survey

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