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Water Management

Water Framework Directive (WFD)

The Water Framework Directive (WFD) was adopted in 2000; it requires governments to take a new approach to managing all their waters: rivers, lakes, groundwater, estuaries and coastal waters. Member States must ensure that their waters achieve at least good status by 2015 and that status doesn’t deteriorate in any waters.

To achieve good status and preserve our best waters, it will be necessary to prepare and implement management plans for our waters.

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Fingal, East Meath Flood Risk Assessment and Management Study

The website for the Fingal, East Meath Flood Risk Assessment and Management Study provides details of the project which includes a flood risk assessment and management study of nineteen rivers and streams and their catchments, including the Broadmeadow, the Nanny and the Delvin Rivers in County Meath.

The website has been set up to provide information to members of the public and to keep them informed of the project’s progress.  During the study there will be opportunities for members of the public to become involved and these will be advertised in their locality as well as on the website and in the monthly project newsletters.