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Meath Heritage Introduction

Heritage forms the core of our sense of national identity and has a major influence on our quality of life through the enhancement of our everyday existence.

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Meath has a rich and varied heritage and boasts a World Heritage site at Brú na Bóinne. In April 2002 the government launched The National Heritage Plan which is available in our Publications section.

The County Meath Heritage Plan 2007-2011 and Meath Heritage Plan 2015-2020 are available in our Publications section.

Within this Heritage Section, you can:

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The Heritage Council part funds the network of 28 City/County Heritage Officers in Local Authorities across the country.

The Heritage Council’s vision is that the value of our heritage is enjoyed, managed and protected for the vital contribution that it makes to our identity, well-being and future.

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Deineann An Chomhairle Oidhreachta páirt-mhaoiniú ar an ngréasán de 28 Oifigeach Oidhreachta Contae/Cathrach fud fad na tíre.


Is é fís na Comhairle Oidhreachta  ná luach ár gcuid oidhreachta a chosaint agus a bhainistiú, agus taitneamh a bhaint as, ar mhaithe lenár bhféiniúlacht, leas agus dtodhchaí.


A thuilleadh eolais ar obair na Comhairle Oidhreachta ach cuairt a thabhairt ar