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You may be eligible to buy your rented home from us at a discount. Find out more below.

As an existing tenant, you may be eligible to buy your home from us at a discount, based on income, provided you meet the eligibility criteria for the Scheme.

Key points of the new Scheme are:

  • Certain Meath-owned houses qualify for the Scheme and they may only be sold to existing tenants.
  • You must provide documented minimum Reckonable Income (see document below) of €15,000 per annum to qualify.
  • Discounts from the market value (of 40%, 50% or 60%) for purchasers are linked to the reckonable income of the tenants and the spouse, civil partner, cohabitant who lives with them – not to any other criteria.
  • A charge linked to the discount is put on the property. You will have to pay back the value of the charge remaining if the property is sold before the end of the charged period (20, 25 or 30 years respectively). The charge may reduce to nil over the charged period.
  • After a purchase, there are detailed conditions on occupancy of the house and subsequently on any re-sale with the Council having first option to buy back the property during the charged period.
  • On completion of the sale, all responsibility for the repair and maintenance of the property will rest with you, the purchaser. You will also be liable for paying the Local Property Tax (LPT).
  • Applicants who are approved for purchase, may provide funds for the purchase from their own resources; by a loan from a private financial institution; or they may apply for a loan from the County Council.
  • Some properties are not eligible for purchase, please confirm your eligibility with us.

Tenant Purchase (Incremental) Information Booklet 2016 (see below), which sets out the eligibility criteria and general information on the scheme is available. Please consult with us for eligibility.


Meath County Council will operate a two stage application process for the Scheme with the application fee also in two stages.

Stage 1

Stage 1 is the submission of the completed application form together with supporting financial documentation, along with Stage 1 application fee of €25.

Applicants that pass this evaluation phase may proceed to the second stage.

Stage 2

A valuation of the property is carried out by a valuer (nominated by the Council).

If you have read the Tenant Information Booklet (below) and want to apply to buy your home under this scheme, please contact us. Contact details are at the end of this page.

Fill out the form, making sure to read the document checklist, attach any relevant documents, and return it to us, the address is at the end of this page.

We have listed the specific terms and conditions attached to the sale of a home under the scheme in the Tenant Information Booklet. Please read these fully. If you have a question about the terms and conditions please contact us.

It is possible to appeal certain decisions. You can find out more in our Tenant Purchase Scheme Appeals Procedure Document (see below).

Tenant Purchase Scheme Appeals Procedure pdf, 44kb

Tenant Purchase Scheme Information Booklet pdf, 231kb

Reckonable Income Directions pdf, 97kb

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