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Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS)

The Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS) was introduced to cater for the accommodation needs of persons who are in receipt of rent supplement for more than 18 months and who have a long term housing need.

The RAS Section of Meath County Council Housing Department is currently concentrating on securing contracts on existing Landlords and Tenant files on hand. Until such time as the current backlog is processed we regret that we will not be in a position to assess new applications. Persons on Rent Supplement will be called for assessment for RAS in order of length of time on Rent Supplement thereafter. In order to hasten this process, we ask that persons in receipt of Rent Supplement do not ring this office asking for assessment as you will be contacted in due course.  We thank you for your patience in this matter.

As priority is being given to persons on our waiting list, Meath County Council Housing Department is currently not in a position to accommodate any transfer request from persons living in other counties who are in the Rental Accommodation Scheme in that county . 

Under the Rental Accommodation Scheme Meath County Council negotiates contracts with landlords for the use of their properties for up to a maximum five year term.  In return Landlords will not have to collect rent and will be guaranteed payment for the duration of the contract.
The RAS tenant will avail of the opportunity to live in quality private rented accommodation and can return to fulltime employment.  The RAS tenant will contribute rent directly to the Council based on their income and the Council's Differential Rent Scheme.  It should be noted that RAS tenants who fall into rent arrears or who engage in Anti-Social Behaviour risk eviction and could lose all future entitlement to any social housing support from Meath Local Authorities.

You can still register your interest as a Landlord in the Rental Accommodation Scheme by completing the

Landlord Rental Accommodation Scheme Questionnaire (bottom of webpage)

Information for Landlords  
Information for Recipients of Rent Supplement Allowances (Information for Tenants)


The above information is a guideline only. There are further criteria that must be met before an agreement can be finalised under the Rental Accommodation Scheme

Longer Term Options

The Rental Accommodation Scheme currently being operated by Meath County Council Housing Department is for up to a maximum five year term. 

If you are the owner of a vacant property in excellent condition who might be interested in longer term leasing of at least 10 years please email or phone 046-9097279.

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