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Voluntary Housing

Voluntary Housing Bodies play an important role in providing rental housing for people who could not otherwise afford to provide suitable accommodation from their own resources. 

The Voluntary Housing Bodies decide on the types of housing projects/services they will provide, having regard to local needs.  They are responsible for tenancy allocations in consultation with the Local Authorities.  They are not-for-profit organisations, concerned with the relief of housing needs and usually take the legal form of housing associations.

Meath County Council Housing Department is happy to work closely with many Voluntary Housing Associations to provide accommodation to  persons in need throughout the county.

Voluntary Housing is supported by Local Authorities and the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government under separate schemes, as follows:

Capital Assistance Scheme (CAS)

The Capital Assistance Scheme provides accommodation, generally one or two bedroomed units, to meet special housing needs such as those of the elderly, disabled, homeless or smaller families.

In 2012 , Eighteen units of accommodation were funded for elderly persons in the Kells area under CAS.

Four units have been provided in 2013 in the Navan Area to date, with a further 4 units for elderly persons in the Kells Area having just commenced construction in 2013.

Capital Loan Subsidy Scheme (CLSS / LSS)

The (Capital) Loan Subsidy Scheme provides housing for renting, particularly to meet the needs for low income families.  The Capital Loan Subsidy Scheme has funded 180 units of accommodation to Voluntary Housing Associations in Meath in total. This Scheme is now closed for new applications but the original 180 units still accommodate social family units throughout Meath in various Voluntary Housing Associations.

Capital Advance Leasing Facility (CALF)

Meath County Council Housing Department was proud to work closely with Tuáth Housing Association in 2011 to provide the first national CALF scheme in a private sought after high spec complex in Knightsbridge Village, Trim, Co. Meath.

CALF is a new hybrid scheme that allows Voluntary Bodies to purchase properties with a part loan obtained through the Local Authority, the rest of the purchase money is sourced by the Voluntary Body themselves through their own resources or private finance. The purchased units are then entered into a Long Term Leasing arrangement for the term of loan whereby there are made available for persons from the Local Authority Housing Waiting List. This innovative scheme is seen as the way forward to providing high quality social housing through the Voluntary Housing Sector in the least costly way to the public purse.

There is one further unit in Navan being purchased under CALF by North & East Housing Association in 2013 to date.