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Vehicle Conversions

A vehicle conversion is a modification to the registered details of a vehicle

Most conversions submitted to the Motor Taxation Office are for Vehicles which have been converted from EU category M1 to N1, i.e. from Private to Goods Vehicle – (Additional Information in relation to vehicles conversions can be found at )

To amend registration documents for a converted vehicle when taxing it:-

  • Submit the completed documents below to the Motor Taxation Office:
    • Change of particulars Form RF111 – Change of Particular  – available at
    • Original Vehicle Registration Certificate
    • Vehicle Owner’s Declaration of Conversion (Form VRTCONV)
    • Suitably Qualified Individual Declaration of Conversion (Form VRTCONVSQI)
    • Test 48 certification (Masses and Dimensions) issued by an N.S.A.I. Approved Test Centre, if converting M1 to N1 – see for list of Approved Test Centres.