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N51 Slane Retaining Wall - Status at 9th February 2018

Date Released: 09 February 2018

Status at 9th February 2018:

  • The contractor has taken ownership of the Traffic Management on the N51.
  • Traffic Management is lengthened to facilitate the clearance of vegetation from the full length of the retaining wall.
  • At the end of every shift the traffic management is shortened to reduce the effect on peak hour traffic and is manually operated to ensure that significant queuing does not occur.
  • Vegetation clearance has started on the embankment at the top of the retaining wall. It is envisaged that this will be completed next Monday 12th or Tuesday 13th February.
  • When the vegetation is fully removed, the  contractor will start removing approximately 550m3 of embankment behind the retaining wall, to reduce the loading on the masonry retaining wall.
  • On completion of the earthworks, rehabilitation works to the masonry retaining wall will commence.

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