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Enhanced Long Term Social Housing Leasing Scheme - Part of an initiative to increase social housing supply in Ireland

Date Released: 08 August 2018


The Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government has introduced the Enhanced Long Term Social Housing Leasing Scheme in order to:

  • target newly built or yet to be built houses and apartments for leasing;
  • target property developers and investors who are in a position to deliver housing at a reasonable scale; and
  • provide for 25-year lease terms that require the property owner to provide day to day maintenance of the properties under a schedule of Management Services.

The Scheme is being made available to property owners who can deliver properties at scale and provide property maintenance services under the terms of the lease.

Properties proposed for the Scheme must meet all statutory requirements and the Housing (Standards for Rented Houses) Regulations 2017 (S.I. 174/2017) and must have planning permission in place. For those developments that have not yet secured planning permission, parties may wish to avail of the pre-planning enquiry facility described in Section 7 of the Calls for Proposals document (see below).

The Housing Agency is the national co-ordinator of this scheme and manages and administers it on behalf of the Department.  It is now seeking proposals from interested parties.


A Call for Proposals is now open until 5pm on Thursday the 25th of October 2018. The full details and terms of the scheme are set out in the Call for Proposals document available at

Clarification queries should be e-mailed to no later than 5.00pm on Friday the 28th September 2018.   

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