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Village Vets Introduces Animal Oxygen Masks to Local Fire Station, during Fire Safety Week - they will supply pet oxygen masks to all frontline fire appliances throughout County Meath, in the hopes of decreasing the effects domestic fires have on our pets

Date Released: 02 October 2018


Village Vets Introduces Animal Oxygen Masks to Local Fire Station

During Fire Safety Week


Village Vets, the family owned and run veterinary practice, has today teamed up with Meath County Fire & Rescue Service at Dunshaughlin Fire Station to supply pet oxygen masks to all frontline fire appliances throughout County Meath, in the hopes of decreasing the effects domestic fires have on our pets. The partnership also comes during the launch of the annual Fire Safety Week, which runs from Monday 1st to Monday 8th October.


During domestic fires, the greatest threat to an animal’s health is smoke inhalation, which can cause irreversible damage.  Unfortunately during such fires, animals seek refuge in a safe place within the home, despite the imminent threat from the spreading fire. If not rescued and treated immediately, pets can suffer from inflammation, coughing, increased respiratory rate, difficulty breathing and even death.


To prevent such circumstances occurring within the Meath area, Village Vets has teamed up Meath County Fire & Rescue Service to ensure that frontline appliances in all 7 fire stations in Meath,  will each have a pet oxygen mask kit. Village Vets hopes to continue this relationship with fire stations and county councils across Ireland, and is calling on all fire stations to equip their fire appliances with pet oxygen masks.


Village Vets MD, Charles Cosgrave,  said:Over the past twelve months across our clinics, we have seen 20 pets from domestics fires, all with varying degrees of smoke inhalation – unfortunately, some were not lucky enough to survive.  The pet oxygen masks are vital in order to save an animals life; they’re as vital as human oxygens masks are to humans.Unfortunately in the sheer panic and upset of a domestic fire, pets are sometimes third or fourth on the list to rescue. The longer pets spend in a smoke enclosed room, the worse the damage will be.

This is why we are delighted to team up with Meath County Fire & Rescue Service and supply 10 pet oxygen masks to Dunshaughlin Fire Station and other stations in Meath. We are calling on all county councils and fire stations across Ireland to come on board and equip their fire appliances with live saving pet oxygen masks.’


Sheila Broderick, Chief Fire Officer at Meath County Council, said: ‘Village Vets approached the fire service to offer pet oxygen mask kits and we felt that this addition to our frontline appliances may help in improve outcomes for family pets in circumstances which can be very traumatic, particularly if people have sustained a loss due to a fire in the family home.

If we are in a position to potentially save a much loved family pet using these oxygen masks then that is a positive development for everyone involved. Dunshaughlin Brigade have previous experience of rescuing a dog from a burning building and providing oxygen resulting in that animal being saved, now we have the correct masks in various sizes to make such recues safer and more effective.  

I would like to remind everyone during this Fire Safety Week to make sure every home has at least 2 working smoke alarms and test them every week. This year we are not only encouraging people to have smoke alarms and test them but to have smoke alarms in as many rooms as possible throughout their home, especially bedrooms. Remember to Get out, stay out, call the fire brigade. Never go back inside for people, pets or things.’


Please check out our twitter page @MCCFireService  #18FSW #SmokeAlarmsSaveLives #STOPfire


 Fire Safety Week 2018 - Stop Fire


 Village Vets expert tips for caring for your pet after a fire include:

  • If the fire brigade provides your pet with an oxygen mask, keep it on them until veterinary staff take over care
  • Keep your pet calm! Stressed animals will hyperventilate, which can prevent them from taking in enough oxygen
  • If they have any obvious burns, give them a cold, wet towel to lie in during the car ride to the vets, as this will help to cool the heat and reduce pain
  • Don’t douse them with very cold or freezing water, as this can actually trap heat inside the animal’s body rather than allowing it to escape
  • Don’t apply any burn sprays or gels, as this can interfere with veterinary treatment
  • Keep dogs on leads and cats in carriers. A frightened animal will try to run away, no matter how well behaved they are usually
  • On the way to the vet, drive with the windows cracked down to let in cool, fresh air
  • Ensure that your pet has access to fresh drinking water en route to the vet


More information can be found on our Facebook pages for Village Vets or by calling your nearest Village Vets clinic.

Village Vets is a family run practice with 10 clinics in Dublin and Meath. Village Vets’ team of experts truly understand how important your pet is to you and your family, and promise to always treat your pet the same way they would if it were their own pet.

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