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Accessible Parking

Accessible car parking spaces are strictly reserved for Holders of the Parking Permit For People With Disabilities. These spaces are essential for people with disabilities and immobility needs to allow them to enjoy safe and independent access to shops, churches and entertainment areas, etc.

We ask drivers to obey current parking regulations and above all please think before you park.

The fine for parking illegally in a Disabled Bay is €150 from 1st March 2018.

Accessible Parking Bays are usually provided in the ratio of 1:25 spaces and are located throughout each town. The bays are usually coloured blue with an accessible logo marking.

Standard Accessible Bay Road Marking and Signage

Disabled Parking Space

Other vehicles displaying a valid Disabled Parking Permit can use the appropriate Accessible Parking Bay. The following links outline the definition of a valid Disabled Parking Badge:


Sample of Accessibility Parking Permit

 Accessibilty Parking Permit

For many people with disabilities, access to accessible parking is an essential lifeline. Not only are accessible spaces situated in a convenient location, close to shops, banks, etc., but they are also larger than other parking spaces.

When accessible parking spaces are not available motorists with disabilies may not be able to :

  •  Operate a passenger lift
  •  Open a door wide enough to transferring in and out of the vehicle     
  •  Get Access to Mobility Aid

In the event that Disabled Parking Spaces are full, a person holding a parking permit for people with disabilties can park their vehicle in any designated parking pay and display the permit.

Please note you cannot park in loading bays or any prohibited areas e.g double yellow lines.

Regretfully many abled-bodied motorists park in these designated spaces, and abuse of these spaces is an everyday occurance.

So next time you park, please consider the needs of the motorists who really need the accessible space.