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Water Management

Water Bye-Laws 2007 - preventing the waste, undue consumption, misuse or contamination of drinking water doc, 93kb

Water Matters Publications

Water Matters - Eastern River Basin District Booklet pdf, 1,601kb

Water Matters - North Western River Basin District Booklet pdf, 1,765kb

Water Matters - Shannon River Basin District Booklet pdf, 1,857kb

Water Matters Questionnaire - Have Your Say about our Waters pdf, 1,113kb

The next publications to progress the implementation of the Water Framework Directive will be the Draft River Basin Management Plans and the Programmes of Measures.  When published later this year i.e. late 2008, there will be a six month statutory public consultation period. 

Your Views

You are invited to give your views on the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive in these River Basin Districts. The booklets above say what the Directive requires us to do and how we are working together to implement it on the island of Ireland. They summarise the main issues identified to date and outline proposals for dealing with them. Similar booklets have been produced for the other River Basin Districts in Ireland and Northern Ireland.


The Water Framework Directive (WFD) was adopted in 2000; it requires governments to take a new approach to managing all their waters: rivers, lakes, groundwater, estuaries and coastal waters. Member States must ensure that their waters achieve at least good status by 2015 and that status doesn’t deteriorate in
any waters. To achieve good status and preserve our best waters, it will be necessary to prepare and implement management plans for our waters.

While work on the Directive requires a considerable amount of technical expertise, it also requires the knowledge, understanding and views of people who use water in their everyday lives, whether they’re

  • drinking it,
  • fishing in it,
  • feeding cattle with it,
  • swimming in it,
  • using it in manufacturing or power generation or even
  • just walking the dog beside it.

The Directive is not just about the environment: an economic analysis of water uses is an essential part of the process. This booklet lists the main uses and activities that may be affected by the management plans. Again, users’ knowledge and understanding can help ensure that all the implications for people and the economy are considered.

That's why your views are being sought. You don't have to read the whole of the booklet (unless you want to) because, after a background section at the start, it is divided up into topics, and you can read just the topics you're interested in. At the end, there's a section about the next steps in the Water Framework Directive
process, and some suggestions if you want more information.