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Ashbourne Public Realm Strategy July 2018


Vision for Ashbourne Public Realm

The Vision for the Public Realm is to develop a high quality, attractive and coherent town centre, reflecting the heritage of the town and its people; where streets and spaces of the town centre are distinctive and contribute to sense of place; and where the town centre presents a clear and legible streetscape in which pedestrian and vehicular access is convenient and self-evident. A strong people focussed public realm that connects the streets, spaces and facilities of the town centre, will underpin the long term social and economic vitality of Ashbourne.

Ashbourne Public Realm Strategy July 2018.pdf


Ashbourne Public Realm Strategy - Public Consultation


Key Themes:

  • Identity
  • Connectivity
  • Streets and Spaces
  • Street Life
  • Pedestrian Facilities
  • Way-Finding & Information



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