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Kells Development Plan 2013-2019 Consolidated

Kells Development Plan 2013-2019 Consolidated Version Incorporating Variation 1

The below Consolidated Version of the Kells Development Plan 2013-2019  Incorporates Variations 1

The key purpose of this Variation to the Kells Development Plan is to align the Plan with the key tenets of the Economic Development Strategy for County Meath 2014 – 2022 as they relate to statutory land use planning. The Variation also seeks to align the Kells Development Plan with the provisions of the County Development Plan (as varied) and update the written text and maps accordingly. Kells is a ‘Moderate Sustainable Growth Town’ in the settlement hierarchy of the Regional Planning Guidelines 2010-2022 and within the hinterland area of the Greater Dublin Area (GDA).

Kells Development Plan 2013-2019 Variation No. 1 was adopted on 19th July, 2017.

Kells Final consolidated written statement pdf, 5,589kb

Final Kells Map incorporation V1 pdf, 3,861kb

Kells Variation SEA Statement final pdf, 312kb

Kells Environmental Report Final pdf, 3,375kb

Kells V1 Natura Impact Report FINAL pdf, 1,111kb