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Navan Development Plan 2009-2015 and Variation 1

Navan Development Plan 2009-2015 incorporating Variation Number 1

Variation No. 1 to the Navan Development Plan 2009-2015 was made at Special Meetings of Meath County Council and Navan Town Council held on Monday 19th May, 2014. In accordance with Section 13 (11) of the Planning & Development Acts 2000-2014, Variation No. 1 of the Navan Development Plan 2009-2005 took effect from Monday 19th May 2014. This Variation gives effect to the implementation of the Core Strategy of the Meath County Development Plan 2013 – 2019 as it relates to land use zoning objectives in Navan including the prioritisation of lands identified with a residential land use zoning objective.

Meath County Council will shortly commence the revocation process for the 3 Local Area Plans which have now been subsumed into the Navan Development Plan as part of this Variation.  During the intervening period when the existing Local Area Plans remain in effect, Meath County Council shall rely on the provisions of Section 14 (b) of the Planning & Development Acts 2000-2014 which states that where any provision of a local area plan conflicts with the provisions of the development plan as varied or the new development plan, the provision of the local area plan shall cease to have any effect. Meath County Council shall therefore only have regard to the land use zoning and other objectives contained in the Navan Development Plan 2009 – 2015, as varied, in the consideration of development management proposals i.e. planning applications.

The Navan Development Plan incorporating Variation number 1 can be accessed at the links below 

Written Statement incorporating Variation Number 1 pdf, 9,972kb

Book of Maps Incorporating Variation Number 1 pdf, 10,958kb

Appendix 1 Record of Protected Structures pdf, 1,225kb

Appendix 2 Historic Sites pdf, 380kb

Appendix 3 Stand of Trees pdf, 598kb

Appendix 4 Local Transport Plan pdf, 4,207kb

Appendix 5 Framework Plans pdf, 4,913kb

Appendix 6 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment pdf, 4,498kb

Appendix 7 Residential Land Evaluation pdf, 5,461kb

Natura Impact Report pdf, 715kb

Environmental Report pdf, 8,984kb

Environmental Report Appendix I Non-Technical Summary pdf, 3,774kb

Strategic Environmental Assessment Statement pdf, 1,781kb

The Navan Development Plan as it was adopted in 2009 can be found in the Archive section (see menu on left hand side toolbar titled Navan Municipal District Planning Publications)