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Abnormal loads

Under S.I. 5 of 2003, Road Traffic (Construction and Use of Vehicles) Regulations 2003, S.I. No. 283 of 2007, Road Traffic (Special Permits for Particular Vehicles) Regulations 2007 and S.I. No. 366 of 2008, Road Traffic (Construction and Use of Vehicles)(Amendment) Regulations 2008 any person may apply to a Local Authority for the issue of an abnormal load permit authorising any particular vehicle.

Details of the weight and nature of the load to be carried, particulars of the vehicle and the journey to be taken must be given to the Local Authority in sufficient time prior to the proposed journey such that the application can be considered

A vehicle/load is considered abnormal when the total length of the vehicle exceeds 12m or 16.5m in the case of an articulated vehicle, or the overall width exceeds 2.55m, or the overall height exceeds 4.65m (subject to Regulation 2(2) of S.I. No. 366 of 2008), or the weight of any axle exceeds the limits stated in S.I. No.5 of 2003.

Before making an application to the Local Authority for a permit, an applicant shall, not less than 4 working days before making an application for a permit, give notice in writing to the Commissioner of the proposed application accompanied by a copy of it. 

Statutory Instrument No. 147 of 2009, Road Traffic (Permits for Specialised Vehicles) Regulations, 2009 introduces a streamline permit system to be administered by An Garda Siochana for the movement of loads not exceeding 27.4 metres in length and 4.3 metres in width on the major interurban routes and to Cork, Rosslare and Ringaskiddy ports.

An abnormal load must adhere to the maximum weight limits set down by S.I. 5 of 2003 Road Traffic (Construction and Use of Vehicles) Regulations 2003 and the maximum height limit set down in S.I.366 of 2008 Road Traffic (Construction and Use of Vehicles) (Amendment) Regulations 2008.

This “Permit for Specialised Vehicles” form when signed by the Garda Síochána Permits Officer grants permission to move abnormal loads as defined under the above Regulations, on inter-urban routes specified in the Schedule of Designated Roads as per S.I. No. 461 of 2010 Road Traffic (Specialised Vehicle Permits)(Amendment) Regulations 2010.  Any deviations from the Schedule of Designated Roads in above Regulations require independent authorisation from the Local Authority concerned and or Minister for Transport.

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To apply for a permit please download the application form below and return the completed form, 4 working days prior to the start of the journey, to Transportation Section, Meath County Council, Buvinda House, Dublin Road, Navan, Co. Meath, C15 Y291.

Fax 046 9097001 or

Abnormal Road Transport Application Form E12