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Traffic / Roads Update - Ashbourne Main Street Refurbishment - Ashbourne Main Street Refurbishment

Date Released: 12 November 2015

Ashbourne Main Street Refurbishment


  • The road at present is currently under construction.
  • The road surfacing is incomplete at present and therefore the final road markings have not been laid. Once the road markings have being laid it will give the road more definition.
  • The carriageway lanes have been set at 3m in each direction therefore giving a kerb to kerb width of 6m.
  • The scheme is providing a wider footpath, dedicated cycle tracks and a new road surface to offer a safer and more attractive environment for all road users.
  • In accordance with the Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets the recommended road width for a 50kph speed zone is 6m. The R135 carriageway through Ashbourne has a 50kph speed limit and therefore meets this criteria.
  • A key element to the scheme is the introduction of a dedicated cycle track extending from the Dunnes Stores Junction to the Deerpark/Alderbrook Junction. This facility will provide a safe route for children and other cyclists through the town and out to the schools. Traffic lane widths are an important consideration when designing these schemes. As outlined in the Traffic Management Guidelines, the desirable lane width for this form of road is 3m.
  • The National Cycle Manual also recommends the reconfiguration of traffic lane widths to accommodate the actual speed limits.
  • 6m carriageways are becoming the norm as a new road configuration and similar roads have been constructed nationwide.


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