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Traffic / Roads Update - Railway Street Roundabout Navan Upgrade Works - Update Thursday 7th September, 2017 - Temporary Traffic Lights will be installed from Monday 11th September until approximately the end of October

Date Released: 07 September 2017


Railway Street Navan Roundabout Upgrade Works – Update Thursday 7th September, 2017


Temporary traffic lights  will be installed at the roundabout from Monday 11th of September until approximately the end of October. Meath County Council apologises for any inconvenience, and wishes to thank you for your patience while these important safety upgrades are being implemented.




Meath County Council is currently investing almost €400,000 to improve safety at the roundabout on Railway Street at Circular Road beside St. Joseph’s Secondary School, the County Library and the Solstice Arts Centre.  The changes will improve pedestrian safety for the large numbers of school children and other pedestrians using this busy junction.

The works will include new zebra crossings on all roads joining the roundabout, and these will be raised so as to be level with the adjoining pavements. The width of the roads approaching the roundabout will be narrowed, as will the width of the roadway on the roundabout itself.

The central island has been redesigned to ensure that larger and longer vehicles such as buses and articulated lorries can easily move around the roundabout. The improvements will ensure that traffic speeds approaching, and on the roundabout, are naturally reduced making these busy junctions safer for pedestrians.

All the zebra crossings will have typical orange flashing lights to further improve visibility of the junction and pedestrians to approaching drivers. The design also provides for cycle facilities on Circular Road and the Trim Road, which are to be introduced at a later date.

The improvement works are scheduled to be completed by approximately the end of October. Traffic management measures, including temporary traffic signals, will be used from Monday 11th of September until the works are complete. Alternative routes will be sign-posted in advance of the junction to divert some traffic from the roadworks. 

The temporary traffic signals will be manned and manually operated from Monday to Friday during the peak morning and evening hours at a minimum so as to improve safety and reduce the levels of disruption.

The Council says that, unfortunately, it is inevitable that there will be delays and disruption while works are ongoing and these will be minimised as far as is practicable. 

Railway St Upgrade Works Plan.pdf



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