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Meath Water Conservation Project

Water Conservation

As our population continues to increase so too do the demands on our water network. On average 45,500 M3 of water is supplied to homes and businesses throughout county Meath daily. 25 Water Supply Schemes, comprising of approximately 140 District Metered Areas are in place to help supply and monitor water to the 53,000 domestic and almost 6,000 non – domestic properties across a network of over  1,700 kms of watermain.

In 2001 Meath Co. Co. Initiated a water conservation programme, concentrating on two areas in particular.

·         Navan & Mid-Meath

·         East Meath

Since then our water leakage teams have been actively engaged in finding leaks on our water network and having them repaired.

In 2006 Meath Co. Co. expanded its water conservation programme to a county wide basis which consisted of three stages:

Stage 1 – Implementation of Water Management Systems

• Asset data collection • GIS Mapping • Bulk/district metering and telemetry • Hydraulic modelling of Network • Pressure control

Stage 2 – Active Leakage Control 

• Location and repair of leaks to meet leakage reduction target

Since January 2006 over 6000 leaks have been identified and repaired.

Stage 3 – Rehabilitation

• Identification of areas with persistent high leakage, poor response to repair activities and level of service problems.

At present phase one of the mains rehabilitation project is complete, with phase two currently at site investigation stage. When all five phases are completed, over 120kms of poorly performing water mains will have been upgraded throughout the county.