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Water Conservation in Severe Weather Conditions

Conserve Water and Protect your Property

To help safeguard continuity of supply for all, Meath County Council appeals to all consumers throughout the county to conserve water, particularly during the current freezing conditions. Increased demand on the public water supply due to the current spell of cold weather may affect supply in certain areas. Large increases in water consumption in any area may necessitate curtailing water supply to that area.  

Please conserve your water for essential uses only.

In particular please do not leave taps running in an attempt to prevent pipes from freezing.

Wastage or excessive water usage is an offence and consumers found to be doing so are liable to prosecution.

Meath County Council greatly appreciates assistance from the public in locating leaks and known water wastage. Please report any leaks or known water wastage to Meath County Council Water Conservation Office at 046 9067373.  Again, we appeal to consumers to conserve water and thank you for your co-operation.

For further information on conserving water please log on to


Some Basic Guidelines for Homeowners

  • Do not leave taps running continuously.
  • Avoid running water continuously while washing dishes
  • Avoid the use of dishwashers and washing machines and only use when you have a full load.  
  • Avoid the filling of baths; where possible have a short shower instead.
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
  • Where possible ensure any outside pipes are insulated and if not insulated at least covered.  
  • For houses with their storage tanks in the attic, it may be useful to open the trap door to the attic to allow heat up there (only if safe to do so)  
  • It can also be useful to allow heat to circulate to under-sink pipes where they run along an outside wall by leaving a cupboard door open (only if safe to do so) 

  • Be aware where your stoptap / water control unit is, in case you need to turn your water off

Householders experiencing problems with frozen pipes are advised to contact their plumber.