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Rural Water Programme

The administration of the Rural Water Programme has been devolved to local authorities since 1997 and essentially covers Group Schemes, Small Public Water and Sewerage Schemes and private supplies where no alternative group or public supply is available.


Grant assistance is available for (a) the forming of new group schemes to provide water or sewerage (b) the upgrading of existing private schemes, (c) the upgrading of private schemes with a view to take-over by Meath County Council, (d) a subsidy towards the operation of private group schemes and (e) provision or upgrade of supply to individual houses.

The Council's strategic objective in this regard is to implement the measures under the Rural Water Programme so as to improve the quality, reliability and efficiency of water supplies for rural dwellers.

Grants for new or existing Group Water & Sewerage Schemes

Grants are available from the Council for the provision of new Group water and sewerage schemes as well as for the upgrading of existing schemes to meet current standards.

Group Water Schemes:A grant of €6,476 per house or 85% of the cost of the project which ever is the lesser is payable to the group. 

Group Sewerage Schemes:A grant of €6,500 per house or 75% of the cost of the project which ever is the lesser is payable to the group.

In all cases the Group must meet the shortfall in cost.

Take over of existing schemes

Grants of 100% are available to upgrade deficient schemes where the Council is requested to take schemes in charge.

Grants for Provision or Improvement of Individual Water Supply

Households not connected to the public water supply can subject to certain criteria avail of grants of up to 75% of the approved cost, to a maximum of €2,032 from the local authority to enable the provision or upgrade of a private water supply.

Operational Subsidy

A subsidy is payable subject to certain criteria to private Group Water Schemes towards the running costs of the scheme.  The subsidy is payable annually and paid on a per hour basis once the scheme qualifies.

Group Schemes

The following Scheme was completed in 2014:

  • Old Road Smithstown, Julianstown, Group Sewerage Scheme.

Application Forms/Details of Schemes

Application Forms and details of the Schemes may be obtained by contacting the Water Services Administrative Office, Phone 046 9097240

Small Public Water and Sewerage Schemes

Under this programme Meath County Council can undertake many essential water services Infrastructure improvements provided the cost does not exceed €635,000.  An allocation is received each year from the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.  Meath County Council must provide an additional sum towards the cost of each scheme (25%).  Typically all design is carried out in house and the Council also assess tenders, supervise construction and administer the contracts.

The National Federation of Group Water Schemes (NFGWS). The National Federation of Group Water Schemes is the representative organisation for community-owned rural water services in Ireland.            

Contact: 24 Old Cross Square, Monaghan, Tel +353 (0)47 72766, Fax +353 (0)47 72788.