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Why Invest in Meath?

Meath is simply the perfect location for your business and family.

With a range of superb business locations, excellent transport infrastructure and telecommunications, a highly skilled workforce, a competitive cost base and a range of support services, Meath is the premier location for business investment in the country.

Living in Meath also makes good financial sense. Whether you intend to build, purchase or rent, you’ll get excellent value for money. And of course there is Ireland’s corporate tax rate of 12.5% 

The advantages to locating in Meath are:

  • Ireland’s competitive Corporate Tax Rate of 12.5%
  • Many excellent commercial motorway locations
  • Easy access to Dublin Airport, Dublin and Drogheda ports
  • Premier quality workspace and offices ready to go
  • High speed broadband networks
  • Excellent language and business skills locally
  • Young, well educated and highly motivated workforce
  • Lower Housing costs (30% on purchasing and 47% on renting)
  • Great quality of life and a good work/life balance

Premier Business Locations

Meath County Council is committed to ensuring an adequate supply of suitable lands zoned for economic development purposes. A range of options for greenfield sites is available in all the major towns in the county and this is constantly under review
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Lifestyle and Leisure

‌For businesses located in Meath, the stress, costs and difficulties associated with a commuting workforce are not a factor.

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