Meath Age Friendly Strategy 2017 - 2020

Meath Age Friendly Strategy 2017 - 2020

Working to improve the quality of life of older people in Meath

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The Meath Age Friendly Strategy 2017-2020 has been developed by the Meath Age Friendly Alliance in consultation and co-operation with older people in Meath. It will be adopted in Quarter one 2017.

 Each Alliance Member has given commitments in this strategy that will significantly help to improve the quality of life of the current population of older people in Meath and for future generations.

An Age Friendly county has been described by Age Friendly Ireland as a county that recognises the great diversity among older people and promotes their inclusion in all areas of life. It recognises that if you design with an older person in mind you will universally support all people of all ages and build a sustainable Ireland for all.

Our ambition to be Age Friendly means that Meath will:

  • Be a great place to live, work and grow older
  • Ensure critical services are accessible and timely and delivered cost effectively and efficiently
  • Have easily accessible public buildings, shops and services
  • Incorporate older people's views into significant decision making processes
  • Promote a positive attitude to ageing and address stereotypes about older people
  • Create opportunities for older people to be engaged with their county socially, as employees and volunteers

"Design for the young and you exclude the old; design for the old and you include the young"