Climate Change

Climate Change

The vision of our Climate Action Strategy is to make County Meath a climate ready region that supports jobs, growth and healthy lifestyles.


Climate Change is a reality and local authorities like Meath County Council are at the coal face of advancing climate adaptation and mitigation in Ireland.

While we are responsible for emissions and adaptations, we are also influencers in such areas as energy, waste management, air quality, biodiversity, surface water management, planning, building control, transport choices etc.

We have responsibilities in terms of energy usage and choice of supply/source in our public lighting, buildings, depots, leisure facilities, in our housing stock, and our fleet. We are committed to achieving targets set for 2020 and 2030 in respect of energy efficiency, increase in renewables and decreases in Green House Gases (GHGs) associated with these areas of responsibility.

Local Authorities are best placed to identify risk and vulnerabilities and to action them, across a wide spectrum of areas and under a variety of EU, National and Local Policies and Regulations

The main purpose of the Climate Action Strategy is to outline practical actions that will help County Meath adapt to and mitigate against climate change, and specifically across the key sectors over which Meath County Council exercise at least some level of operational control or influence.