Built Heritage Investment Scheme 2023 (BHIS) – Historic Thatched Structures

Built Heritage Investment Scheme 2023 (BHIS) – Historic Thatched Structures

The 2023 Built Heritage Investment Scheme includes ring-fenced funding of €500,000 nationally for conservation repairs to eligible historic thatched structures.

How will the ring-fenced stream operate?

The ring-fenced thatch funding will be awarded on broadly the same basis, using the same application form and to the same deadlines as the mainstream BHIS, with applications being made through the local authorities in the first instance. Grants to thatched structures may also continue to be made from the local authority’s mainstream BHIS allocation under the terms and conditions of that allocation.

Eligibility requirements

The following thatched structures may be funded under the ring-fenced stream:

  • Thatched structures that are included in the Record of Protected Structures of the relevant local authority
  • Thatched structures that are proposed for inclusion in the RPS
  • Other historic thatched structures which are neither currently protected/nor proposed for protection.

Eligible works

Funded works will not be limited to repairs to the thatch itself and all eligible conservation works listed in the BHIS Circular will be eligible for funding under this stream.


Closing date for receipt of applications is Monday, 23rd January 2023


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