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Sustainable Transport

Meath County Council is investing in projects and initiatives throughout the County in a direct effort  to reduce the dominance of the private car in meeting travel needs, through the delivery of  sustainable transport projects as an alternative to address current and future needs of commuters, such as traffic management and Bus transportation related projects.

As part of the initiatives to promote sustainable transport, Meath County Council is also developing and delivering safe cycle network routes and providing for the enhancement of the pedestrian environment, in particular to address the needs of mobility impaired road users.

An allocation of  € 12,885,000 was made to Meath County Council in 2021 by the National Transport Authority in relation to sustainable transport projects including Navan Traffic Management Plan (2030), cycle networks/ greenways, bus stops and other works. Over the last number of years, the National Transport Authority has provided grant funding amounting to over € 23m for such projects in County Meath. A summary of the annual amounts is included below for information purposes.

Year - Funding

2012 - €2,132,644
2013 - €2,351,783
2014 - €2,189,277
2015 - €2,687,120
2016 - €790,265
2017 - €1,946,065
2018 - €3,039,956

2019 - €2,250,000
2020 - €5,877,000

Total - €23,264,110