Fiona Sherlock Storytelling Workshop CBF 2021


Fiona Sherlock Storytelling Workshop CBF 2021

Wednesday, 6th and 13th October 2021 (Live Session)

Fiona Sherlock is the 2021 Meath Writer-In-Residence. She hopes these workshops will introduce storytelling to children of all ages giving them the tools and inspiration to use their creativity and personal experience to spin a yarn that's totally unique. A crime writer from Bective, she launched two murder mystery books during the pandemic. Twelve Motives for Murder will be published by Hodder Studios on October 7th with Poolbeg bringing out Preserved in November.  She is mammy to two small kids.

For Junior Infants up to 6th classes.

Please note: If booking for any of these events they will be either a class visit to the school or a Zoom session. Confirmation of this will be given as soon as possible.

Wed 6th October   10.00 – 10.50am / 12.30 – 1.20pm.

Wed 13th October 10.00 – 10.50am / 12.30 – 1.20pm.


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Fiona Sherlock Storytelling CBF