Funbelievable Science with Dr Brain


Funbelievable Science with Dr Brain

Available from Monday 8th of November

Enjoy watching Dr Brain navigate his way through tricky science experiments and demonstrations in this series of crazy and hilarious science videos. Help him make sense of gravity, centrifugal force, and optical illusions. Packed with surprises and laughs! Dr. Brain … he’s got great chemistry!

Dr. Brain has performed with the world’s largest circus and brings a “wow” factor that will have everyone buzzing. While the emphasis is on fun, participants will learn lots from the demonstrations in these fun-believable videos. Dr. Brain has been entertaining for over 20 years.

There will be 6 different episodes from Dr Brain so make sure to catch them all.


1. Dr. Brain conducts conducts spinteresting experiments pitting centrifugal force versus gravity. There are five fun experiments. Guess how many will succeed.

2. Drop everything and watch Dr. Brain show you how things balance and why things fall. More wacky science experiments for kids. How many glasses of water can Dr. Brain balance over his face. Brainiac joins in the fun as does Waffles the Wonderful.

3. Water you waiting for! Dr. Brain spins glasses of water to see how strong centrifugal force is. Behold the Bermuda Triangle of Terror. Will the neighbors get soaked?  .

4. Watch Dr. Brain's shocking experiments with static electricity. Ever gotten a shock from touching something? Find out why. See the interesting powers static electricity has.

5. A quick look at the speed things fall at. Do different sized objects fall at different speeds? Find out the science behind the answer. Brainic stops by to help out in a delicious experiment.

6. Dr. Brain reacts! Check out Dr. Brain's fun experiments showing that for every action there is a reaction. Scruffles the science dog may make an appearance.

Suitable for the whole family

How to Watch

Schools can book these sessions by emailing 

For Families

The episodes will be available on this page and also on our YouTube Channel from Monday 8th of November until 30th November.

Funbelievable Science with Dr Brain