Mindfulness Nature Drawing Workshop


Mindfulness Nature Drawing Workshop

Starting on the 29th January

In this two week series, you will create artworks inspired by the natural world around us. This course focuses on finding the beauty in the natural world and the process of mindfully capturing it.  The course will focus less on the fundamental drawing, but will aim to use the “step by step” drawing method as a form of relaxation and an activity to unwind. Over the two week course you will create your artwork and take part in simple mindfulness activities that can be used to get into a “state of flow” while creating your work.

In these sessions we will aim to create artwork without the pressures of perfection but instead enjoy the process. Drawing nature – especially getting out in person benefits our mental health, allowing time for quiet contemplation, meditation and mindfulness and an appreciation of your surroundings. All that is required for this course is a pencil and paper and the zoom link provided.

Dates and Booking

There are 2 sessions of this workshop  – session 2 will be a repeat of session 1 so please book one session only.

Session 1: Saturday, January 29th and Saturday, February 5th from 11am to 12 pm via Zoom Book now

Session 2: Saturday, February 12th & 19th from 11am to 12 pm via Zoom Book Now




Mindfulness nature drawing workshop poster

Grace HaynesThe course facilitator is Grace Haynes, who is an Illustrator with a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from Ulster University Belfast.
She has been teaching online step by step drawing classes to people of all ages and has facilitated several courses with both adults and children for the Creative Ireland and other programmes in Meath,  Monaghan and for other local authorities.