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All Things Water

All Things Water

Where does your water come from?

Every day, 365 days a year, Meath County Council on behalf of Irish Water produces and distributes over 47,000,000 litres of drinking water to meet the needs of more than 165,000 residents and almost 7,000 businesses, as well as schools, hospitals, nursing homes and many other facilities throughout the county.

Water is abstracted from the rivers Boyne and Blackwater, Lough Bane and Lough Bracken, as well as, a number of below ground aquifers, before being treated to drinking water standard and then piped to homes, businesses, social and civic facilities across County Meath.    To achieve this, the Council operates and maintains 64 separate water treatment plants, over 2,000km of pipe network, almost 40 reservoirs and numerous pumping stations.

Having good quality drinking water available on demand in our homes and businesses is something that we all probably take for granted.  However, providing a continuous supply of consistently compliant drinking water to all is a continuous challenge and requires the on-going hard work and dedication of all within the Water Services Department of Meath County Council.

Given the very extensive infrastructure required to supply water throughout Meath there are always many factors such as weather, mechanical or electrical failure, or pipe bursts which can result in unplanned incidents, necessitating a 24hr, 365 day response by the Council to avoid or minimise interference to water supply.

The Council on behalf of Irish Water also operates and maintains 45 wastewater treatment plants, over 1,000km of sewer network and more than 100 pumping stations to collect and treat the wastewater produced in most homes and businesses across Meath.