Council ‘Gets in Gear’ and launches four fleet bikes for Staff


Council ‘Gets in Gear’ and launches four fleet bikes for Staff

DoS Des Foley and Lara Fagan Fleet Bike Launch
Pictured at the launch of the Meath County Council Staff Fleet bikes were Des Foley, Deputy Chief Executive and Lara Fagan, Meath County Council Active Travel Officer.

Meath County Council squeezes the brakes on climate change and launches zero emission staff fleet bikes to coincide with National Bike Week which takes place from May 14th to 22nd.

The promotion of cycling to/from and during work plays a major role in the Council’s overall environmental, sustainability, and smarter travel workplace objectives.  The four fleet bikes are now available to staff based in Buvinda House to use during the working day, for short business travel trips and leisure purposes. 

Speaking about the new additions to the Council fleet, Chief Executive Jackie Maguire said, “I am delighted to launch our staff fleet bikes during National Bike Week. We want to lead by example, staff bikes play an integral part of our smarter workplace policy, the fleet bikes will legitimise cycling as an accepted and mainstream form of transport for work for staff. We are giving our staff options that help them reduce their reliance on single occupancy car journeys, reduce emissions and deliver a cleaner environment for all”.  

Director of Service Martin Murray added “Sustainable Mobility and Active Travel is a key part of our long-term goals for a clean, green, sustainable and healthy County. Our contribution to sustainability is made up of small steps that represent an ongoing commitment towards the achievement of concrete objectives also in the medium and long term.  The roll out of the staff fleet bikes is a low-cost solution that will provide alternative, cleaner and more sustainable transportation options for Meath County Council staff in both their work day commitments.”