Foreshore Bye-laws 2020 (As Amended)


Foreshore Bye-laws 2020 (As Amended)


Small changes ahead to protect our beaches

The Beaches in East Meath are busy every day throughout the year as a recreational area for all sorts of people and events.  From the daily walkers, joggers, runners, swimmers, surfers, horse-riders to the busy summer months where thousands of day trippers and holiday makers head to the coast to cool off in the sea.  In addition the beaches in East Meath are home to two important sites which require protection under the EU Habitats Directive.  These sites are the River Nanny Shore and Estuary SPA where the Nanny enters the sea at Laytown and the Boyne Coast and Estuary at the Mornington end of the Beach. 

Meath County Council published a Beach Management Plan and Natura Impact Statement which outlined long term improvements which are planned for the coast including a new building at Seaview Terrace, improved access, toilets, changing rooms, community facilities, beach wheelchair facility, first aid, lifeguard facility.  Many of these improvements are well advanced and others are in progress.

There are some new rules coming down the line for beach users in Meath in terms of meeting our obligations to protect the European sites within the area of the Beach Management Plan.

The changes, for the most part, have come about in order to protect wintering birds who feed along the shoreline from September to March within the boundary of the River Nanny Shore and Estuary Special Protection Area.  When visiting this section of the Beach, which stretches from Laytown, going south towards Ben Head/Gormanston Beach, dog owners will be asked to keep their pet on a lead in winter months and horse riders will be asked to keep their horse away from the Shoreline, where the water meets the sand.  The Bettystown and Mornington area of the beach is open for dogs to be off the lead and for horses to use the shoreline for exercising all year round.

These changes will ensure that there is minimum disruption to wintering birds.

Another change to the Foreshore Byelaws will be the access for horses at Mornington, within the Boyne Coast and Estuary Special Area of Conservation. Going forward horse riders will be required to use a dedicated horse pathway through the dunes to the foreshore, in order to protect the wider dune system.

Drugs have been listed as a prohibited substance in Foreshore Byelaws 2010 As Amended and horse drawn carts have been added to the list of restricted vehicles.

The Draft Amendments to the Foreshore Byelaws went on public display in July and August 2019 and 349 submissions were received and considered.  The Foreshore Byelaws 2010 As Amended were approved by Meath County Council on 3rd February 2020 and will come into effect on 1st June 2020.

Copies of the Foreshore Bye-laws 2020 (As Amended) are available free of charge from the Environment Section Meath County Council, Buvinda House, Dublin Road, Navan, Co Meath, or online