Millennium Bridge, Trim - bridge demolition


Millennium Bridge, Trim - bridge demolition

Trim Millennium Bridge

Update 19th August 2022

The demolition works to remove the Millennium bridge are now complete. The contractor, JJ Duffy Demolition and Civil Contractor, undertook the removal efficiently and with minimal impact to the local environment. The local area is currently cordoned off for temporary reinstatement of footpaths and grassed areas.

Please note the works currently underway on the southern bank of the Boyne are being undertaken by OPW and are not related to the bridge demolition. 

Sections of the bridge members will be tested; once this is complete the timber from the demolished Millennium bridge will be made available to local community groups or artists to repurpose into something new. Details to follow at a later date.


Update 18th August 2022

Meath County Council have procured a demolition contractor to remove the timber pedestrian bridge in Trim. A connection point on the bridge has failed causing a rotation of the bridge members making the bridge unsafe to use, unfortunately it is not feasible to repair the bridge. As the bridge is in failure mode it presents a greater challenge to remove as personnel cannot work on or under the bridge. The transportation team has been engaging with specialist bridge and demolition contractors to develop a suitable methodology to remove the bridge. JJ Duffy Demolition and Civil Contractor has been appointed to remove the bridge and has mobilised to site.


Consultation has taken place with statutory agencies including OPW, National Parks and Wildlife Services, National Monuments Service and Inland Fisheries Ireland and stakeholders are aware of the urgency to remove the failed bridge. An ecologist was engaged to assess the site under the EU Birds and Habitat Directives, which included site surveys for particular species, and it was concluded that the proposed emergency works will not have an adverse impact of the integrity of the site.


Please be aware there will be some localised disruption around the works as the removal process takes place. The walkway on the southern bank of the river, close to the bridge, will be inaccessible and a number of parking spaces will be closed off to allow the access of HGVs in and out of the works area. On completion of the works the two bridge abutments, which do not need to be removed, will be securely fenced off. Once the contractor has demobilised from site the Blueway can be reopened.


In relation to temporary and permanent replacement structures a design brief for both is being developed and, similar to above, engagement is taking place with the statutory agencies.