Spring is in the air!  And the honey bees!


Spring is in the air!  And the honey bees!


If you want to learn more about beekeeping or about honey bees, how the honey bees have divided their tasks, why they swarm, why they produce honey, what their role is in our biodiversity, their specific diseases and pests and many about honey bees, the Royal County Beekeepers’ Association (RCBKA) plans to organise a Spring beekeeping course for beginners. The course will start later than usual this year.

The webinar course (using the platform ZOOM) will start 12 April 2021 followed by 5 more sessions. The course follows the Federation of Irish Bee Keepers Association (FIBKA) syllabus for beginners. A practical session followed by an exam however, may not take place due to COVID pandemic restrictions in place. If you are interested in this course or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Committee Members by email at: rcbkabeginners@gmail.com.

The costs of the course are set at 105 Euros, which includes the RCBKA membership 2021.