Meath GAA

Meath GAA

From the start of Meath GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) (Cumann Cúthchleas Gael) Meath have being said to be one of the strongholds of Gaelic Football.

The first County Convention was held in 1887 where roughly 15 clubs were present. Some of these were Stackallen, Yellow Furze, Kells and Donore.

On the 17th April 1887, the first Meath County Final took place. Dowdstown won, they went to represent Meath in the first All–Ireland Championship.

At present, Meath now has 17 clubs and have won many titles, some including All-Ireland Senior Championships. Meath GAA also has a Ladies’ Gaelic team. They have also won many titles.

To find out more about the counties, teams championships, leagues and fixtures check out the official Meath GAA site here

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