Hill of Slane

Hill of Slane

The Pagan Versus Patrick

St. Patrick has become synonymous with things Irish; from shamrocks to the shortage of snakes on this Isle, but there was a time when he was viewed as a foreign Christian missionary come to convert Ireland’s Celtic pagans. This he did with great symbolic flare. As the Druids celebrated their feast day on the Hill of Tara, Patrick prepared the Easter feast on the Hill of Slane. He lit his paschal fire at Slane, before the Druids could kindle their sacred fire at Tara. Seeing the flames at Slane, the Druids, warned Laegaire, the High King, that if Patrick’s fire was not put out immediately, it would burn forever in Ireland. The rest is history.

Home to 15th century Slane Abbey. St. Patrick lit his Pascal Fire on the Hill of Slane, in direct opposition to the pagan beliefs of the High King.

Hill of Slane


Just outside Slane off the N2


All year Admission free

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Other Attractions

Slane Castle
Open from May-mid August. Access by guided tour

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