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Meath County Council has a total of 40 councillors

These councillors represent the six municipal districts in Meath and are elected every five years. They meet monthly as a Council, as well as holding monthly meetings at municipal district level.

As part of their role in developing policy, elected members also sit on Strategic Policy Committees, which are also composed of representative of community and sectoral groups.

Functions of Councillors

Functions performed by the elected members are called ‘reserved functions’ and are set out in the Local Government Acts. 

The 2014 Act provides that some reserved functions may be carried out by the municipal district members, some may be carried out either by the municipal district members or the full council, and some may be carried out only by the full council.

The overall local authority may delegate certain functions to the municipal district members, subject to certain conditions. The delegation of functions and the revocation of any such delegation must be agreed by at least half of the total membership. There are specific functions which the council may not delegate.

Some of most significant reserved functions include:

  • Adopting the Annual Budget
  • Making or varying the Development Plan
  • Appointing the Chief Executive
  • Allocating funding for grant schemes and other schemes of assistance.
  • Adopting a plan of letting priorities for Local Authority Housing
  • Making, amending and revoking bye laws
  • Approval for borrowing

The Council makes its decisions by ‘resolution’ at its meetings.

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Your Councillors

Expenses | Annual Declarations | Political Donations 2019 Local Election Declarations View individual breakdown of Expenses, Annual Declarations and Political Donations by clicking on a Councillor profile below. Meath County Council Cathaoirleach
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Council Meetings

Meath County Council holds monthly meetings on the first Monday of each month (excluding August). We also hold an Annual Meeting and a Budget meeting, and any other meetings as required for business. Members of the public and media have a right to
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The Cathaoirleach is the first Citizen of County Meath and presides over meetings of the County Council.

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Meath Women’s Caucus

The Meath Women’s Caucus has been established to promote women in politics and enhance female participation in Local Government.  The objective of the caucus is to further gender equality among elected members of the Council and in society generally.


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What Councillors Do

The role of a councillor is busy, varied and comes with a lot of responsibility. Councillors play an important role in the development of policies and the making of decisions about issues that impact their local community, in diverse areas such as housing, planning and environmental protection.

They are also responsible for the governance and oversight of the Council, which includes ensuring the proper operation of the local authority and the making of critical decisions about budgets.

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