Ethics, Governance and Code of Conduct

Ethics, Governance and Code of Conduct

Part 15 of the Local Government Act 2001 sets out an ethics framework specific to councillors, managers and employees, and is applicable generally across all areas of the council’s work. This framework imposes a statutory duty on all in the service to maintain proper standards of integrity, conduct and concern for the public interest.

This ethics framework requires all councillors to submit to the Ethics Registrar an annual written declaration of "declarable interests".

The submission of an annual declaration under the Act also applies to the Chief Executive and certain relevant staff. A public register of declarable interests is kept by Meath County Council. 

The Council’s Ethics Registrar is: Ms. Elaine Daly email: 

The Ethical Framework for the Local Government Services includes a duty on members and staff to maintain proper standards of conduct and a provision for the minister to issue codes of conduct for guidance of members and staff (see Codes of Conduct below). These codes were published by the Minister in June 2004.


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