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Library Events

Meath County Libraries host a wide variety of events for young and old throughout the year.

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Adult Events

Adult Library Events

We have a diverse range of free weekly and monthly events and activities for adults across the county.  A whole host of other events also take place during the year to coincide with national festivals and initiatives.

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Book Clubs

Book Clubs in Meath Libraries, advice on starting an online book club and suggested reads

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Online Storytime

Watch our preSchool Storytime Sessions here and on our YouTube Channel. And tune in to our Summer Stars Books at Bedtime Chapter a Day Readings each week day night at 7pm.

Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle Thumb PlayStories and Songs with Mary  |  Superworm  Where are you, Puffling?Bran agus a Dhaideo  |  Lokomotywa  |  Tyrannosaurus Drip  |  Polish Poems  |  Tá Bran in ann Comhaireamh | Conor's Cowboy Suit | More Stories and Songs with Mary | Danny's Pesky Pet |   

Summer Stars Books at Bedtime

Books at Bedtime for ages 6 and overDuring July and August as part of our Summer Stars Programme, we will have a Books at Bedtime Stories every evening at 7 pm over on our YouTube Channel. These stories will feature a few chapters each night and we've recorded them so you can read along too.

 WinAnd watch out on our competitions section - we will have a quiz on 2 of the stories over the course of the summer.




August 17th -21st  Irish Legends

(Read by Emer from Ashbourne Library)

Irish Legends for the Very YoungMonday 17th August – Pt.1

Tuesday 18th August – Pt.2

Wednesday 19th August – Pt.3

Thursday 20th August – Pt.4

Friday 21st August – Pt.5


August 10th - 14th at 7 pm: The Supermarket Ghost by Gordon Snell

(Read by Eve from Dunboyne Library)

The Supermarket Ghost by Gordon Snell 

Monday 10th August – Part 1 

 Tuesday 11th August – Part 2 

 Wednesday 12th August – Part 3 

 Thursday 13th August – Part 4 

 Friday 14th August – Part 5 




August 3rd - 7th: Horrid Henry by Francesca Simon

(Read by Mary from Ashbourne Library)

Horrid HenryHorrid Henry is always getting into trouble or causing mischief. We have five adventures with Horrid Henry from the collection Horrid Henry's Wicked Ways. Find out how he annoys his younger brother, Perfect Peter and what he get's up to o his holidays. Horrid Henry is written by Francesca Simon & Illustrated by Tony Ross. Published by Orion Books. 

Monday 3rd August – Part 1 

Tuesday 4th August – Part 2

Wednesday 5th August – Part 3

Thursday 6th August – Part 4

Friday 7th August – Part 5




Enter our Horrid Henry Quiz and have a chance to win a €20 book voucher! Closing date is 23rd of August.



July 27th - 31st at 7pm: Wired Teeth by Oisín McGann

(Read by Emer from Ashbourne Library)

Wired Teeth Book CoverWelcome to Jason's world! This book is about crazy dentists, secret agents and remote controlled braces! Jason McGinty's a bad kid: a bully whose gang rules the schoolyard. But when he gets braces on his teeth, things start to go wrong for him. His mouth looks awful, and worst of all, he begins to hear voices that no one else can hear. Are the voices real? Do they have something to do with the braces? And who is the big, scary boy who looks so like Jason? Something sinister is going on! Wired Teeth is written & illustrated by Oisin McGann and published by O'Brien Press

Monday 27th July – Part 1 

Tuesday 28th July – Part 2

Wednesday 29th July – Part 3

Thursday 30th July – Part 4

Friday 31st July – Part 5


July 20th - 24th at 7pm:  George Speaks by Dick King-Smith

(Read by Eve from Dunboyne Library)

Cover of George Speaks by Dick King-Smith with a picture of a young babyGeorge is no ordinary baby. He looks ordinary, with his round face and squashy node. But his sister Laura soon discovers that he's absolutely extraordinary. Everyone's life is turned upside down from the day George speaks!

Monday 20th July – Part 1 

Tuesday 21st July – Part 2

Wednesday 22nd July – Part 3

Thursday 23rd July – Part 4

Friday 24th July – Part 5


July 13th - 17th at 7pm:  My Brother's Famous Bottom by Jeremy Strong

(Read by Mary from Ashbourne Library)

My Brother's Famous BottomNicholas's dad has a plan to make some fast cash. Nappies! Some disposable-nappy people are looking for a beautiful botty for their new advert - and all Nicholas's baby brother has to do is pass the audition. What could possibly go wrong?

Monday 13th July – Part 1 

Tuesday 14th July – Part 2

Wednesday 15th July – Part 3

Thursday 16th July – Part 4

Friday 17th July – Part 5

July 6th - 10th at 7pm: The Legend of Spud Murphy by Eoin Colfer

(Read by Carmel from Navan Library)

The Legend of Spud MurphyWill and Marty are doomed to spend their holidays in the library.  Ifthey put a foot wrong Mrs Murphy, the legendary librarian, will use her dreaded gas-powered spud gun and they don't want that - just ask Ugly Frank how he got his nickname!

Monday, 6th July Chapter 1  

Tuesday, 7th July Chapter 2

Wednesday 8th July Part 3

Thursday, 9th July Part 4

Friday, 10th July Part 5




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