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Local Authority Mortgages / Local Authority Home Loan

Local Authority Home Loan (LAHL)

The Local Authority Home Loan is a Government backed mortgage product designed to assist first time home buyers or other eligible applicants who cannot secure sufficient commercial lending support to make a home purchase. The scheme facilitates the purchase of new or second-hand residential properties and the construction of self-builds. In general, these properties are located and selected by the applicants after they have secured an approval in principle. It can also be used to purchase a home through State schemes such as the Tenant Purchase Scheme and Affordable Housing Schemes, with the exception of the First Home Scheme.

Under the LAHL Scheme, a single person can be earning up to a maximum of 65 thousand euros gross per annum and joint applicants can be earning up to a maximum of 75 thousand euros gross per annum.

The Local Authority Home Loan is a normal Capital and Interest-bearing mortgage which is repaid by direct debit on a monthly basis. You can borrow up to 90% of the market value of the property. The maximum property value for which this loan may be used is 320 thousand euros. Borrowers will be contractually obliged to keep up repayments on their loan, and to pay per schedule and by means defined by the Local Authority.


The Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan is now withdrawn, and all new applications must use this product.


For further details see the Local Authority Home Loan Borrower website etc.

Contact Details

Local Authority Home Loan Website  


Contact Telephone Number:   051 349720

House Purchase Loan Application Form attached below


To discuss your loan application please contact

Housing Loans Finance Section, Buvinda House, Dublin Road, Navan, Co. Meath. C15 Y291


Contact Telephone Numbers:   046 9097420



Please note that applications are accepted by appointment only and the LAHL Application Form is attached below

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Mortgage Difficulty Supports

We are aware that some of our customers are experiencing financial difficulties.

If you are currently in arrears or you know that you are at risk of going into arrears, then please contact our  Mortgage Arrears Team at: 046 90 97420

You may also find it helpful to contact MABS helpline at: 0761 07 2000 or log on to or contact Citizen Information Office Mortgage Arrears at: 0761 07 4050 or

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